A Secret Spot – 40 Years Old Moscatel


“The vineyard location is a secret. Only 3 persons know the spot.”

Secret Spot Wines. Either its brilliant marketing of their products or actually a fact that the producer wishes to keep these vineyards hidden from others to get a hold on. However, they continue: “The spot colour in the capsule identifies the vineyard.”

One thing’s for sure; Secret Spot Wines in Douro, run by Gonçalo Sousa Lopes and Rui Cunha, surely gets my attention. Yes, I’m curious but even more, their more than 40 years old Moscatel is a pretty insane wine! For some reason it’s not cool to like the Muscat wines. I don’t why but then, I’m a very uncool guy who besides these floral and sometimes perfumed wines, also dig Madeira. Guess my grandparents would have been proud of me.


Then again, there’s a huge difference between a Muscat d’Alexandrie and a Muscat à petit grains. The latter being the quality version of the Muscat and the one used at Secret Spot. Less aromatic, less perfume. Add vineyards at more than 500 meters above the sea level and you will have the much needed acidity as well. If the old Moscatel from Secret Spot was harvested earlier, in order to keep a higher acidity and freshness we will never find out. However, today this is how Lopes and Cunha works to retain a refreshing feeling when drinking the Moscatel wine.

The 40+ years old Moscatel wine is as complex as a Muscat ever can be. Oranges, jasmin, moist tobacco, raisins and a dash of oriental spices. Slight volatility on the nose actually adds freshness. It’s beautiful. On the palate a creamy texture with floral notes, tobacco, nuts and raisins in alcohol. A slightly bitter note, the one you feel in the orange peel, balances up the sweetness that’s almost up at 200 grams of sugar per liter. Never too heavy although this isn’t one of those you split with your better half a Friday evening. The finish is pure with wood notes and a orange like aftertaste.

Is it resembling a Moscatel de Sétubal? To some extent yes. The Moscatel from Favaios has a refreshing character a Sétubal might lack so this one’s for all that are freaking out when they spot the Muscat name on the bottle. This might be the coolest Muscat you’ll ever drink. Well, that is if you don’t try the 1875 and 1900 Moscatel Madeiras from d’Oliveiras.

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NB. Quotes are from the website of Secret Spot Wines.