Austrian wine adventures; Part 1 – An introduction


Some would say it’s complete madness, serving the Gernot and Heike Heinrich 2006 Salzberg next to the 2006 Chateau Mouton-Rotschild in a blind tasting. I say it’s a sign of confidence.

Four days of intense traveling in the regions of Wien, Carnuntum and Burgenland are over. Filled with impressions from the respective regions, great meetings and lots of wines, it’s time to sum it up;  what do I bring with me home? What have I learned?

First of all; thanks to AWMB, Blaufränkisch is now definitely put on the map. I’ve had some really fine examples before but now, having tasted more than 100 Blaufränkisch wines in Burgenland, I know this is a grape to follow. Passionate growers, old vines, curiosity and a will to reach for the top. Put a highly potential late-ripening grape to that, a variety with focused bouquet and flavors and high acidity.

Secondly; the DAC’s of Leithaberg and Eisenberg are worth following more closely, especially Leithaberg impressed.

Third; this I knew but it must be said again; Austria produces some of the best white wines in the world, be it Grüner Veltliner or Riesling. Purity at its finest. But don’t forget about delicious Gemischter Satz, Weissburgunder or fabulous Chardonnay.

Fourth; if you’re into sweet stuff, then Austria and the Neusiedler see probably has the best possible prerequisites in the world.

Fifth; Zweigelt is a chameleon. It comes in various suits and you need to know what style you prefer. Still a lot of searching for identity amongst growers in Carnuntum.

Sixth; I. Need. To. Have. Some. More. Gemischter Satz!

Seventh; Sorry to say it but the fish in Neusiedler See should stay in the lake…

Eighth; I’d probably end up looking like one, but Wienerschnitzel is super killer awesome!

Ninth; Marillenbrand rocks!

Tenth; last but not least, the people of Austria. Generous and friendly!

For the coming weeks, the focus here on Wine Virtuosity will be on the three mentioned regions. Think I’m in love…..again.

PS. In a blind tasting at Schloss Esterházy last week, the AWMB served the Salzberg next to the Mouton-Rotschild.

  • Exciting to see what you come up with, Niklas. Did the AWMB decide which producers to visit, or were you free to choose for yourself?

  • Schedule was set from early morning until evening and was perfectly organized. Since it is a returning event they let different producers greet every time. However, for example at the big Carnuntum tasting, the tasting of several producers wines, took place at Netzl.

  • i am so glad my “affair” (am married to italian wines) is getting love! will be following your reports. but to #6: lake fish are difficult, you should have it at dankbarkeit!

    • Glad to have you here Hande!

      On the fish theme; too swampy/soggy for my taste. Guess it’s all about being used to it.

      Dankbarkeit; in Podersdorf?

      • (of course I meant 7) Yes, Dankbarkeit in Podersdorf! I have the same problem with lake fish, I hate the swampy/muddy taste, but Dankbarkeit is the only place I will eat them – they know how to handle the fish to get rid of that (they need to go into a tank after the lake/before the kitchen!)

  • I think you forgot – 11th – the company of schwedenbomben…

    • Yup. And continuing on the unofficial list I also forgot to mention Blaufränkischbuffel, Bananen chokoladen, Pizza boy and Funny bunny….


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