Badacsony In Pictures


Going to Lake Balaton in Hungary, more precisely to the north shore of the lake and the mainly white wine region of Badacsony, you don’t expect to run into a Sangiovese Grosso. Even more surprising; it was pretty good. The winery, 2HA (picture above), perfectly demonstrates that wine traveling is a must for anyone that constantly wishes to challenge prejudices and wants to widen their horizon.

Welcome to a short teaser from a cold and moist November visit to Badacsony. More to follow.

At Nemeth Pince in Badacsony

 Szalai Attila from Nemeth Pince and Bakó Ambrus; two of the top producers in the region of Badacsony.


 Leftovers. Olaszrizling.


 The vines are taking a break, the flowers not.

Nemeth Pince

A hidden gem in Badacsony, the Nemeth Pince. Tiny production but an extremely well kept cellar with some century old casks. And the wines! Delicious in their youth, great with age as well. Eye opening Rieslings from the private cellar, a 1994 and a 1997. 


 Foggy, cold and windy. But the light was amazing and totally worth it.

Vineyard of Kispal Helen, Badacsony

 At the site of  Kispál Helen, a new name in Badacsony. Her Olaszrizling is made by Bakó Ambrus. The 2013 from older vines is pretty promising stuff.

Badacsony, Hungary

 The vineyard of ‘A Villa Mellett’ – home of some mighty fine Kéknyelű and Olaszrizling.