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Let’s take a break in the Sicilian wine adventures for some Monday speculations instead.

It can be a good thing to know the preferences of a wine critic you follow. Why? Well, if you buy what he or she writes up you will probably notice a line of arguments of the critic’s favorite regions and wines. Some wines just seem to get higher scores than others. If you share the taste of the critic then that’s great; you don’t have to ride down that bumpy – and sometimes expensive – road yourself.  The boring part might be that you always tend to drink wines others say you should be having.

I’m somewehere in the middle. Love surprises and to find them myself. But then, I have to read about a wine somewhere to know about it’s existence, so of course I am listening to the pro’s as well.

Before moving on; I’m not going to claim any wine critic status now, but if you follow me – and even buy any of the wines I write about – then it could be nice to know my preferences. Just going back, reading old posts, will reveal a lot about me and what I like to drink. But as with all of us I am also equipped with a wandering palate.

So, do you think you know me? Then, take a look at the pics below and rank the wines according to my liking. Let’s see if you really know me!

1. Rank these three according to my palate.

The winner is?

2. Rank these three according to my palate.

The winner is?

3. Rank these two according to my palate.

The winner is?


And the ranking results after blind tasting:

First pic

1. 1994 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon, Howell Mountain. What can I say? Truly memorable and clearly showing age is everything.  Complexity, drinkability and pure pleasure. 95-96 p

2. 2007 Flor de Pingus, Ribera del Duero. Massive, yet elegant. Polished yes but not without forgetting its origin. Needs time to integrate but all the components are there for a happy ending. 93-94 p

3. 2003 Bric del Fiasc, Paolo Scavino, Barolo. Love the bouquet. Quite seducing. But then, on the palate, something happens with me and Nebbiolo. Rarely my taste. Still, this is a bit atypical and more to my liking. 92-93 p

Second pic

1. 2008 La Peira en Damaisela, Coteaux de Languedoc. Mainly a Grenache wine. Crazy intensity but all in balance. Impeccable balance between acidity, tannins and fruit. This one has a long life ahead. Need to pick it up! 94-95 p

2. 1998 Bruno Giacosa Gallina di Neive, Barbaresco. Ethereal! Gorgeous nose – almost Nerello like. Having the bouquet in mind one can only be disappointed when tasting. Elegant and graceful but lacking depth and length. Still a fine glass. 91-92 p

3. 1999 Valdicava, Brunello di Montalcino. I need to be careful here. Could be a semi-off bottle. At least stored too hot. Not my style at all. Funky and barnyardy without any Brunello resemblance at all. Dull fruit. No rating. Need to retaste first.

Third pic

1. 2004 Mitolo Savitar, McLaren Vale. Still young but I kinda like this style. Needs food but everything’s in great harmony. And I was totally lost in the world; wrote C9dP! Well, you never stop learning….92-93 p

2. 2001 Vigna Cicala, Aldo Conterno, Barolo. Kind a nice bouquet after a while in the glass  with classic scents of dried roses, tar and rose-hip, but I still lack any major excitement. I confess I’ve never been a Aldo Conterno-fan but this hasn’t got enough stuffing to make me change my mind. Don’t listen to me if you’re a Nebbiolo fan in other words. Sorry. 90-91 p.

  • Chris


    Don’t think I know you but would love to hear your thoughts on La Pèira 2008…

    Thanks for a great blog :-)

    • NiklasJorgensen

      Chris; thanks. The 2008 La Peira took me by storm! At the same time as it is a massive wine it’s also elegant. Sure, hysterically young and one has to take that into consideration when tasting a wine like this, but there’s structure to age. Lots of pure dark fruit (cherries, dark plums), oozing of minerals, sweet licorice, toasted oak and flowers. Crazy intensity on the palate but still with fine tannins and acidity keeping the wine in harmony. Pumped with fruit which is sweet in both bouquet and on the palate. Mineral driven finish going on and on. Having the necessary acidity and tannins to back up, that fruit can be just awesome in ten years!

      A great tasting experience but I wouldn’t touch this one for a decade in order to give it a fair chance to show its ultimate potential. I wrote down 94-95 p on the 2008.



  • Pic 2:
    1. La Peira, 2. Valdicava 3. Giacosa

    Pic 3.
    1. Mitolo, since you do not like 2. Barolo from Aldo Conterno

    Do I know you enough?

    • NiklasJorgensen

      Impressive! Almost correct. The Giacosa was better than the Brunello….

  • Ruso

    Hi Niklas, I do not know you that good, according to the test. But i have read a lot your stuff. I was in Portugal again and found a Luis Pato Castas Baga sparkling. We had a discussion on Luis Pato a year ago. It was a sparkling Rosé. Did you know about it? I paid 8 euro. It was quite good. I had the 2005 Luis Pato Castas Baga for 6 euro, again. It is real good and super compared to any below 10 euro wine.
    We do share an interest in Etna wine. I have ordered the Sicilian 2 package.

    • NiklasJorgensen

      Ruso, since you remember my passion for Portugal you seem to know my preferences a bit! Luís Pato yes. His sparkling rosé’s are oddities! Made of either Baga or Touriga Nacional. Not exactly the grapes you think of when drinking sparkling wine. If you haven’t yet, then try his daughters wines. I don’t know if one might say so but I like them even more! Her 2008 Lokal Silex is pure pleasure!

      Good to hear about Sicily and Etna. There’s something about the wines that is just so fascinating. They’re seductive and ethereal backed up with tickling acidity and so fine tannins. I guess this is my Nebbiolo :-)

      Do let me know your opinion on the wines when tasted. And don’t forget to decant them and serve just slightly chilled (16 C).




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