Five photographies


A picture is worth a thousand words right. Here’s five of my personal and favorite wine related photographies taken in 2012.

Exploring the attics of Artur Barros e Sousa Lda in Funchal, Madeira. Three and five years old and already familiar with the Olím brothers Canteiro, after several visits. The light, when visiting in October last year, was amazing.

I promise you; no real horses were injured in the shooting of this picture. Last summer I had some 2000 Bordeaux from lesser known chateaux and appellations – and they were all drinking gorgeously back then. Like the 2000 Chateau Victoria from Haut-Medoc. All the classic attributes were there; lead pencil, blackcurrants, saddle and a dash of the stable. Made me remember just how much I love Bordeaux. But please, don’t ask me about the horse. You don’t want to know….

Hangin’ with the guys, be a watchdog, hangin’ with the guys, be a watchdog. Quite a goer, that little dog at Quinta de Gomariz, but I do think his social skills were superior to the guardian competence. But he tried, yes he did.

The liar’s bench. Vacation has just started and we’ve arrived to the southern parts of Sweden. Pure Nerello Cappuccio in the glass. Tenuta di Fessina. Grandpa the storyteller has just begun the sharing. A perfect moment.

“If Denmark beats Holland, I’m gonna pop a Szepsy 6 Puttonyos,” I told my brother when we sat down to watch the match. Denmark won and played a great second half. The wine was magical.


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