Flor De Pingus – Can’t Like ‘Em All



I know, you’re not supposed to feel disappointed when drinking Flor de Pingus. But the fact is if you compare with other vintages you’ve had – adding expectation – that can sometimes result in a let-down.

I’m having the great 2010 Flor de Pingus in mind. A wine with great personality. Young yes, but the structure is oh so seductive – elegant – and spot on my tastebuds. And now the 2011 Flor de Pingus is in my glass. The expectation is however not present as it is poured blind just as is the case with the 2009 PSI, also from Peter Sisseck.

2011 Flor de Pingus

The 2011 Flor de Pingus is a dark, almost inky wine with a concentration which the 2010 didn’t offer. It doesn’t possess the same elegance and partly that can of course be explained by its youth. Lots of dark, concentrated fruit. Less of the floral aromas. More tar -ish. Still, I guess it’s a matter of preference but while the 2011 is a power package and probably in need of time, I can’t help but to feel human. I don’t like it. Don’t care what the real critics say; my disappointment is a fact.

That said, the 2009 Psi is a lovely wine. Very likeable. Psi is a relatively new project of Peter Sisseck. If you’re a Pingus fan it needs to be said – there’s no similarity. Psi is all about old vines at high altitude, bio-dynamically farmed (Pingus is as well) and no use of new oak. The 2009 is a charming, easy to understand wine and with a clear sense of place. The fruit is pure, lush, but yet with structure. Floral scents, wet tobacco and oozing rocks. Good tannin grip, food friendly acidity and a long finish. A wine in balance.

That said; can’t wait to taste the 2012 Flor de Pingus.

Thoughts on the 2010 Flor de Pingus.