Port Greatness: Graham’s 40 Years Old Tawny


You know the dark chocolate pralines filled with cherries in brandy? I’m having the super premium liquid version of them – it’s spelled Graham’s 40 Years Old Tawny and the wine’s just confirming Tawny Port as one of the world’s greatest beverages.

But yes, there’s more to this wine than the chocolate cherries. Every time I’m having a glass it’s a new world opening; like Forrest Gump’s chocolate box – you never know what to get. In a good way. The color is quite dark amber, transparent though. On the nose a myriad of scents; sometimes I lose myself among the orange peel scents, another time it’s the tobacco, the walnuts or the toffee. When I’m in THAT mood I just sit there smelling those gorgeous perfumed notes which reminds me of Moscatel Galego. And then there’s the brandy. It’s quite pronounced in this one, positively, and I’m crazy about how it interacts with all other impressions on the nose. Need to mention those pine needles as well. After all, I’ve grown up with these trees surrounding us and it’s quite a nostalgic scent.

In the end, what I’m trying to express, is the complexity and subtleness of the 40 Years Old Tawny – and I’ve only talked about the nose so far! Yes, it’s a sniff wine but I would be pretty disappointed if it stopped there. On the palate a smooth but rich taste filled with fresh walnuts, dried apricots, sultanas, luxury tobacco, licorice and vanilla. So concentrated but yet a creamy impression and all about elegance. Perfumed, refreshing and intense. A super long finale filled with oriental spices and a touch of vanilla.

Again the proof is in my glass, Port truly is one of the world’s greatest and most fascinating, complex and civilized beverages we have. People, please buy and drink this stuff at a regular basis. After 25 years as a wine passionate I’m still like a child on Christmas eve when I have a wine like this in my glass. That’s class.

Rating: 95 p

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