Great Value Wines: 2007 Gudarrà, Bisceglia


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Can’t claim I’m a fan of expressions such as the “Nebbiolo of Etna” or “Barolo of the south”. But then again I suppose we compare and search for signs of recognition when something is new to us? The Etna grape Nerello Mascalese is popularly compared with Nebbiolo; you will even hear comparisons with Burgundy and Pinot Noir. When it comes to a region north of Sicily, Aglianico del Vulture in Basilicata, the Nebbiolo comparison is even narrowed down to the “Barolo of the south”. By now it feels a bit outdated; Aglianico del Vulture’s a big boy now, more than ready to stand on its own feet. So, goodbye Barolo of the south, welcome Monte Vulture and Aglianico!

There are around 30,000 bottles of the 2007 Gudarrà from Bisceglia. The winemaker Maurizio Angeletti has done some pretty amazing things with the young vines (planted in 2001). This one rests in French oak, Allier and Tronçais, for a year. Then
around half a year in bottle before released.

Still dark color although with a slightly color change on the rim. Needs aeration so patience here. But don’t worry; you will be rewarded with a powerful bouquet of dark cherries, Victoria plums, sun-drenched blackcurrants, sweet licorice, pipe tobacco and lots of humus. The cool thing with Aglianico is that although the winemaking is modern and new oak is used, the end result almost feels traditional. Exactly the case here as well.

Lots of things happening on the palate. Tobacco, cherries, black pepper, olives, licorice and humus. Herbal as well. Plum skins and good acidity in general. Tannins. Did I mention those? A good portion present, but don’t be scared away. There’s both fruit and structure in general to balance. Long, tobacco and humus oriented finale.

Seriously; the 2007 Gudarrà is a lot of bang for the bucks. And you don’t have to rush it either. Will continue evolving for a few
more years. Find it here.