Heavenly Hungarians Part 3; Tokaj!


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“I’m going to name the wine Eszter,” he says.

Zoltán Demeter; few has worked so hard to show the real class of Tokaj wine. His single parcel wines are all great expressions of their respective conditions and bottled proof of the huge potential the region possesses. But all the work (he’s basically a one man show) has given him, as he told me: “little time to build a family.” However, now there’s a new family member and Zoltán revealed he would name one of the sweet wines after her.

His wines are extremely limited in production and hard to find, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. If Zoltán’s wines will keep the high level – and even take the next step, it is just a matter of time before we start talking about dry Tokaj wines as potential world class! Actually I wonder if not his 2008 Lapis are closing in on that epithet already.

Then there is Mr. Tokaj himself of course; István Szepsy. A true gentleman – and just like Zoltán – producing some breathtakingly good Tokaj wines. Quite different in style yes, but showing the diversity of the region.

Zoltán Demeter and István Szepsy are surely amongst the greatest producers in Tokaj, but there are lots of activity going on in the region and many new names are just awaiting – and deserving – international recognition. István Balassa and László Szilágyi for example. You will meet them all here, on Wine Virtuosity.

Although being prepared for my trip to Tokaj, I must say the quality on a general basis were almost overwhelmingly good. So, if you want to read lots about Tokaj and its coming and established stars, then follow my postings both here and on Facebook!

Also to be published, posts from my inspiring Eger visit and some really impressive stuff from Mátra and outstanding Merlot from Villány.

N.B. Yes, although we had a lot of sweet Tokaj as well, the focus were on the dry wines. After all, we all already know the sweet elixir rocks!