Help needed! Porto 30 Anos – Colheita 1950.


I consider myself quite a decent wine detective; all those old and to some extent unknown Madeira bottles I’ve purchased over the years, has surely helped out. But now I’m stuck, stuck with a 1950 Colheita Porto! Hence I need my readers help identifying the wine.

I’ve never heard of A. Gomes which is the name printed on the label. Shipper or producer; I have no idea. If anyone recognize the name the information would be much appreciated. The wine is a Porto 30 Anos, 30 Years Old Colheita and the vintage says 1950. Bottled in 1980. It even receives the epithet Reserva.

The wine? Delicious! Lots of walnuts, tobacco, dark chocolate, oriental spices and muscovado sugar. Fine integrated oak feel. The nose I must admit, is superior to the taste which perhaps lacks a bit of acidity. However, it’s viscous, almost oily, with fine balance and spicy notes. Some smoke, dried figs, tobacco and nutmeg. Quite long finale. Even better on the second day. So, all you Port lovers out there, who can ease my curiosity?