It’s Monday but I’ll survive!



Soon Monday morning and a week filled with work ahead. But hey, I will survive.
All I need to do is enter this blog’s URL, read this post, look at the pictures and swish, I’m thrown back into the glasses of the Henriques and Henriques 1898 Verdelho Solera and the 1894 Founder’s Reserve Solera which I had this weekend.
1898 Verdelho Solera
1894 Founder’s Reserve Solera
Come on Monday. I’m prepared. I’ve had century old Madeira!


  • Fredrik

    >Okej, jag börjar fatta vad du menar. Vad är en sketen VDN mot dessa!!!

  • Fredrik

    >Sorri 'bout the swedish.

    Should fit any cheese!

  • Niklas Jörgensen

    >Yes, probably! But the wines are almost larger than life itself that I settle with just savoring and enjoying on its own. Too many impressions otherwise…




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