Louis Casters: a food and Champagne walk-through


It offers such great food and wine pairings. Yet we, most of the time, drink it at the wrong occasions. Here’s to Champagne – a walk-through the wines of Louis Casters – all paired with food!

A middle-sized family owned business with eight hectares of vineyards. The rest of the grapes are bought in from Grand and Premier Cru growers. Jean Louis Casters represents the fourth generation and the fifth generation is on its way, taking over.

2004 Champagne Millésime, 90-91 p, EUR 27,90
Pairing: Different antipasti, all with a salty touch.

Chardonnay. Spring flowers, green apples, lemon and lime peel, school chalk and some yeast. Fine, intense taste, gorgeous tickling bubbles, dry with just the slightest touch of sweetness showing up when the temperature rises in the glass. Green apples, minerals and young, alive and kicking acidity. Long finish. Great appetizer. Probably just as good with shellfish or white fish.

Blanc de Blancs, Cuvée Grand Réserve, 87-88 p, EUR 19,25
Pairing: Caesar Salad

Chardonnay. Lots of things going on here. Dried fruits, citrus peel and mineral feel. Fine mousse, some dosage, lime peel and apricots on the palate. Chalky with a floral finish. Good stuff although I find it a bit atypical for a blanc de blancs. Thanks to the slight dosage feel, great with the salad.

Cuvée J.L., dosage zero, 90-91 p, EUR 34,95
Pairing: Halibut, white wine sauce and sugar peas with butter.

When Jean Louis was diagnosed with diabetes he started producing this one, for his own consumption. People who got the chance to taste it, loved the wine, and after a while started ordering it.

Light color. Classic Chardonnay nose with wool, clam shells, citrus peel and school chalk. Elegant and cool nose, probably not for everyone. Reminding a bit of an aged Chablis of fine quality. On the palate it is….bone dry, mineral oriented with Granny Smith’s, wool and citrus. Can’t be afraid of acidity here. Long finish. Probably like swearing in the church, but even better when decanted and allowing the bubbles to fade a bit. With food only! Great with the halibut.

Champagne Cuvée Supérieure, 87-88 p, EUR 17,95
Pairing: Arctic char on a skewer, served with green salad and gently pickled radish.

Pure Pinot Meunier. refreshing nose with a floral hint, mineral feel, roasted nuts and red apples. Delicious bubbles, a hint of dosage, floral and red berries. Some length. Lots of character and a really fine food and wine pairing. A perfect match with the grilled fish.

Cuvée Sélection, 87-88 p, EUR 18,85
Pairing: Home-made Fish’n Chips

Pure Pinot Noir. Quite mature on the nose with elegant notes of strawberries, fudge, English cider and mineral feel. Lovely mousse with a touch of dosage on the palate. Again, a maturing feel with earthy notes, blood grape, strawberries and dried roses. Did the job wih the food.

Cuvée Eugène, 91-92 p, EUR 24,95
Pairing: Pangko fried zander, green salad and grilled zucchini mixed with herbs and creme fraiche.

A blend of all three grapes from Grand Cru sites. This is gorgeous and probably my favorite Casters wine. Toasted scents on the palate. Fermentation in oak? Lots of yellow fruit, quite mature with floral notes. A good mouth-fill, wonderful bubbles, dry with notes of citrus fruits. Long, clean and harmonius finish. Can handle quite tasy dishes. From Grand Cru’s in Damery.

Cuvée Rosé, 86-87 p, EUR 19,25
Pairing: Ovenbaked chicken, served with the extract as a cream sauce. Roasted veggies.

Pale color. Some pinosity here. Wild strawberries, blood grapefruit, mineral smell and fudge. Solid bubbles, dry taste with shy notes of red berries. A real charmer with food. More demanding on its own. A blend of Champagne and red wine from Damery.

PS. All bottles bought here.