Muy viejo. Muy underrated.


Did you read about my meeting with Miguel Montero? Then you might remember me praising the fabulous Amontillado del Príncipe. Well, I can’t let go, del Príncipe is such a great glass, so here we go again!

I’m not gonna lecture you about Sherry. For that there’s better sources.I have but only one objective; buy and drink this divine wine! Ok, that’s two..

Think most of my readers have figured it out by now; this guy’s a fortified freak. Although Madeira is number one, Sherry’s my runner up. What Madeira perhaps lacks a bit, Sherry has. I’m talking about the ability to pair with food. Don’t misunderstand me now; there’s many great combos of Madeira and food, but they simply don’t reach that almost universal level of accompanying most dishes. Sherry does.

The Amontillado del Príncipe ages for a minimum of 17 years in American oak casks. It started out as a fino under a veil of flor for more than eight years, before the oxidative ageing kicked in and took over the next nine following years. Like Madeira, patience is a virtue. On the nose it’s ethereal with hazelnuts, roasted salty almonds, some wood, dark bitter chocolate, sugar cane and discrete oriental spices.

For the sweet tooth it must be a frustrating wine. The nose indicates here come sweetness but nope, this baby is bone dry. Bone dry and I love it, love the contrast. The razor sharp precision and fine acidity is just awesome. Mouthwatering. I get hungry when I write about this wine. Almonds and hazelnuts, dark chocolate backing up. Some tobacco and spices. Ethereal and clean taste. Elegance and insane intensity at once.

Del Príncipe rocks. Big time. Have a glass on its own or with food. Slightly chilled. Come on, don’t be afraid. Release the fortified wine geek in you!

Amontillado del Príncipe, Real Tesoro, 92-93 p

PS. Hard to beat the QPR on this one. Around 20 euros its nothing but this year’s greatest find so far.

PS.2. Sample from the Swedish retailer offering it from June. Click here for more info.