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Mad about MadeiraI’m crazy about Madeira wine, sorry, Mad about it! A 1940 Vintage Sercial from Justino’s bought 15 years ago didn’t really correlate with my income as a student, but it opened up a new, or perhaps I should say old, world to me. Since then I’ve tasted numerous of great Madeira wines and visited the island on an almost yearly basis.

Madeira wine is such a great and unique drink. It deserves a website on its own. As a self-appointed ambassador of the fortified drink I’m doing my share to spread the word, to make more and more consumers aware of just how darn good these wines are. And food friendly as well.

I do conduct Madeira tastings as well. If you’re interested in hiring me for such an event, please contact me by using the Contact template.

In 2013, Mad about Madeira was recognized as one of the best single subject wine blogs by being a finalist in the Wine Blog Awards. Visit and follow my site, Mad about Madeira or have a look at the facebook page. Links can be found in the Follow Me tag on the right side of this page. You won’t regret it!


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