Mad about Madeira

I’m crazy about Madeira wine, sorry, Mad about it! A 1940 Vintage Sercial from Justino’s bought 20+ years ago didn’t really correlate with my income as a student, but it opened up a new, or perhaps I should say old, world to me. Since then I’ve tasted numerous of great Madeira wines and visited the island on an yearly basis.

Madeira wine is such a great and unique drink. It deserves a website on its own. As a self-appointed ambassador of the fortified drink I’m doing my share to spread the word, to make more and more consumers aware of just how great these wines are. And food friendly too!

Awards – Nominations

In 2013, Mad about Madeira was recognized as one of the best single subject wine blogs by being a finalist in the Wine Blog Awards. In 2015 the site was a finalist again in the very same competition. Last year, in 2016, Mad about Madeira received the prize as Sweden’s best beverage blog at the Stockholm Food & Wine fair. In 2016, I was also enthroned in to the Madeira Wine Brotherhood the Confraria do Vinho da Madeira. A huge honor which makes me so proud, that my work has been recognized at the highest level. My title is Cavaleiro.

Social Media

On the 1st of July every year, I’ve also made sure the wine world highlight Madeira using the hashtag #madeirawineday. The choice of day is simple as it is a national holiday on the island and one that celebrates the islands autonomy received in 1976. Follow, but more importantly, join fellow Madeira friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, any social media channel during the 1st of July and share what Madeira you’re drinking.

I do conduct Madeira tastings as well. If you’re interested in hiring me for such an event, please contact me by using the Contact template.

It would be awesome if you’d like to visit and follow the site Mad about Madeira and perhaps join the Facebook page as well.


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