Sicilian wine adventures – Part 16; Malvasia delle Lipari


Dear reader; why aren’t you buying any Malvasia delle Lipari? The aromatic, floral and rock oozing wine of Carlo Hauner is such a unique experience and a mandatory buy for everyone who needs to understand the greatness of a Malvasia. Keep on neglecting it and it will soon be extinct!

Sweet wines. What’s frightening the consumers? Is it a trend thingie, are we afraid of sugar or is it that simple we just don’t know how to handle them? Perhaps prejudice…

Trend. Is it totally uncool to like ‘lieblich’? Sweet is not hot? Could be the explanation, which also is confirmed by the lack of interest reading my Madeira site. No, I’m not bitter. Sweet people aren’t.

Sugar. If the reason for not drinking sweet wines comes from the simple fact people are s–t scared of sugar, well, then think again. Then beverages containing alcohol shouldn’t be considered at all?

Ignorance. Nope. Can’t be it. I mean, how difficult can it be? Just enjoy the wine. It’s not rocket science and you don’t have to prepare advanced desserts in order to drink a glass of this.

Prejudice. It’s only old people who drinks sweet wines. Or the young adults. Or those who don’t have the ability to appreciate dry wines.

Maybe it’s a combination of all four, or maybe, maybe it is just the fact no-one ever heard of Malvasia delle Lipari? Anyway, it is sad to know wines like the 2008 Mallvasia delle Lipari from Carlo Hauner is struggling. The sweet nectar from the Aeolian Island of Lipari is actually, thanks to one man, not already extinct!

Tasting the 2008

Light amber color. A bit shy from the start but some decanting takes care of that. For volcano wine freaks this is heaven. It oozes of wet rocks and you can almost feel a slight wetness before the attack consisting of dried apricots, oriental spices, jasmine and acacia honey takes over. A restrained perfumed style of Malvasia.

On the palate it’s like nectar – with a touch of acidity to it. Apricots, mint, summer flowers, minerals and a touch of honey. A slight touch of bitterness in the clean aftertaste adds excitement. Not cloyingly sweet, no high alcohol, no oak. Just pure Malvasia grape juice. Elegance. A real treat with a fine Gruyére and some quince.

2008 Malvasia delle Lipari, Carlo Hauner, Isole Aeolie, 91-92 p

Buy it here. Or let Vinopedia help you.

PS. If you want to find out more about Hauner, click here.

  • David

    Ah once again you leed and I follow, will make sure its in my next bastionbasket. Thnx

  • Werner

    Availability… I’ll trade you for it if you’re ever in Oslo!

  • Niklas Jorgensen

    Well, that’s not impossible Werner. We do have some clients in Norway and I should visit this year…


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