Sicilian Wine Adventures Part 24; a photographic tour through Feudo and San Lorenzo


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When I sum it all up – the year of 2011 – I already know Giuseppe Russo will be  a part of my A-Z list. Not only due to his passion and commitment  when it comes to Etna, but just as much for producing truly unique and individual wines. A’ Rina, Feudo and San Lorenzo. Ethereal wines that reminds me of why I got into this wine thing, why wine fascinates me more than anything. 

2012 will likely result in me doubleing my volcano island visits. Madeira and Sicily. It’s simply been too long since I visited Etna and much has happened the last five years. So, when my flight ticket said Funchal recently, my brother had Palermo printed on his. It seems we have it in our blood, the love for Mongibello. Etna and its wines.

My brother, a trained photographer, shares my passion for wine and got the chance to meet up with Giuseppe Russo, in the most intense period of the year. Harvest time. Here’s a photographic tour through Giuseppe’s two sites, Feudo and San Lorenzo in mid October 2011, eternalized by my brother.

Click to enlarge the photographies.


Mongibello. Mount Etna.


The Nebbiolo of Etna – Nerello Mascalese

Giuseppe scanning the vineyard.

Well, he ain’t grower of the year for nothing!

The leaves of Nerello Cappuccio turns red…not the Mascalese.

Lava love.

Copyright ©Andreas Jörgensen

PS. Soon to come; the brothers tasting and comparing A’ Rina 2008 and 2009 followed by 2007 and 2008 San Lorenzo.

PS.2. Gambero Rosso awarded Giuseppe Russo with the 2012 Grower of the year award recently.