Sicilian Wine Adventures – Part 25; A picture is worth a thousand words


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Some are blessed with the ability to write, some with an eye for photography. I’m not sure I belong to any of the groups but I do know I love an inspiring post and a good photo. For me, those sites are what I visit the most. Visit Tim Atkin’s site and you will understand what I’m trying to say.

My main purpose is to enthuse. To make you curious, wanting to taste something that might be new to you. And a wine site without photographies…how boring isn’t that? Hence it is impossible not to post a second part of photographies from my brother and his fiancée. Girolamo Russo – Part 2:

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Giuseppe walking into the light.

A lot of talk about the soil but hey, this is Etna!

Who’s the Scandinavian? Hint? Length of trousers…

It is easy to fall in love with the landscape…

Harvest was one week away at the visit. End of October in other words.

Copyright ©Andreas Jörgensen and Viktoria Olsson

The site of San Lorenzo consists of eight hectares at an altitude of 750-780 meters above the sea-level. The vines are between 60 and 100 years of age. The Feudo (Randazzo) site consists of six hectares at an altitude of 650-670 meters above the sea-level. Vines ranging from 50 years of age to a century old. Giuseppe Russo don’t use all the grapes from his properties. Some are sold since they don’t meet the requirements. Yet.

Part 1 of the photographic tour here.