Special Guest Star: Hilliard Bruce


Californian wines guest starring on Wine Virtuosity! When Sweden’s leading US wine importer invites me to taste through his portfolio of exciting and dynamic names in California, I know it’s going to challenge the best from the classic wine regions of France. And how they did it! Here’s to Californian greatness!

Hilliard Bruce Vineyards. Ever heard of the producer? New to me as well, until today when I got the chance to try their 2010 Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay and the 2009 Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir Moon. These wines is in no need to be compared with Burgundy. No Californian wines are anymore by the way. They possess just as high class as the so called Old World’s creme de la creme – and has their own unique style.

One thing Hilliard Bruce have in common with the French region though; limited production. The 2010 Chardonnay for example, there are only 175 cases of. Already when sniffing the wine I know this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as someone more famous than me once put it. There’s a gentle oak treatment, lots of yellow fruits and lime, wet rocks and white peaches. It is drop dead gorgeous on the nose simply.

16 months on its lees certainly shows on the palate. In a positive sense that is. Again, fine oak, some vanilla, a creamy structure yet loaded with minerally acidity, unripe tropical fruits and lime peel. Long, elegant and with a purity charming your pants off. No exaggerated battonage at all if you were worried there for a while.

The Virtuoso says: 



The 2009 Moon Pinot Noir is also a beauty. Darker fruit, black cherries and raspberries, compost, leather and oriental discrete spices. Elegant and just a slight green scent. On the palate the dark cherries revisit, together with some moist tobacco, licorice, compost and humus. Plenty of fruit to handle the acidity. Long spicy finale. Will continue to develop but I would probably think it’s great to drink now and the coming three to four years.

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Tasted at the Swedish importer of Hilliard Bruce, Vinopia.

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