Summer Holiday – The Cliff Way


We’re all going on a summer holiday. No more working for a week or two. Fun and laughter on a summer holiday. No more worries for me and you.  For a week or two. We’re going where the sun shines brightly. We’re going where the sea is blue. We’ve seen it in the movies. Now let’s see if it’s true. Everybody has a summer holiday doing things they always wanted to. So we’re going on a summer holiday, to make our dreams come true, for me and you, for me and you.

Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday, 1963

Today Sir Cliff is putting Algarve on the wine map. Check out his rosé, the 2010 Vida Nova. A Clairet styled wine with good structure, floral scents, fine ripe fruit and mouthwatering acidity to accompany. A modern, well-done glass. Quite a lot of wine for a tener. If you’re into Clairet that is. Syrah and Aragonez. Have it with your….summer holiday?

2010 Vida Nova, Quinta Moinho, Algarve, 85-86 p, Sample


PS. No fan of Sir Cliff? Maybe this alternative video will help?

  • Werner

    He he, spent a week in the Algarve a few years ago, and managed to visit Cliff’s farm. Maybe not the most personalized wine visit ever, but how could we not go!? Plus the wine’s descent enough, and there was a full scale cardboard model of Sir Cliff himself!


  • Will try the red as well now. Vida Nova. Perhaps not the most famous of Portugal’s wine regions but still nice to see something’s happening there.

    Were you showed around by Cardboard-Cliff ;-)
    A walking talking living doll?




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