The Virtuoso says

The Virtuoso says

A scale is a scale is a…yes, I know. Even if I’m not doing a numerical rating one could of course argue that this is nothing but a 1-7 scale. However, I really think wines deserves words to describe their attributes and hence my scale goes from undrinkable to divine.

Wine generates some form of emotional manifestation whether it is truly fantastic or a huge disappointment. I prefer describing these emotional feelings with words, in order to stay in the world of arts. After all, wine is for me more related to the Humanities than the exact mathematics (although I admit the production might need a more mathematical approach at some stages).

I wont take price into consideration when using my word scale. Why? Well, who am I to tell you what is a bargain? Income and wealth determines what is a good price. Sure, a century old vintage Madeira at ten euros I think we all can agree is a bargain but that will not happen more than in your dreams. So, you decide whether a 100 years old wine is worth 500 euros, or if a limited production wine is worth 100 euros.

Is this scale really needed? That I leave to the reader to decide, but since I’ve received some mails how I would rate a specific wine and I would like to have some kind of summing up, I think that this is my way to meet half way. In the end of each post you will find my “score” – like this;

The Virtuoso says:



It’s an opinion and I am by no means a Virtuoso. More an apprentice despite twenty years of wine passion. But it sounds fun and lightens up a sometimes stiff wine world. Read my text to understand more about the wine. Read my alternative rating more as an attempt to de-dramatize grades.

Will my, today almost unorthodox scale, help retailers sell the wine? I’m pretty sure it wont, not in the short-term. Lazy people want numbers, passionate go for the word.

Enough talk, let’s have a look at the scale starting with the top word.

The Virtuoso says

Despite considering myself an atheist, I can’t resist using a word connoting heaven, as the ultimate description of something smelling and tasting so good that it would sound nothing but stupid to put a number after it. A divine wine is a memory for life until senility kicks in. No matter how tough you are, a divine wine will make you lose control – and probably cry a bit (even if you would claim allergy).

Such a grand experience that most likely will result in goosebumps even if it is 28 C outside! Amazing stuff and a real work of art. How can fermented grape juice turn into this? The reason why I fell in love with wine!

Oh boy, this is some really fine wine. Splendid quality and definetely memorable. It surely breathes of class and it is obvious somebody knows what they’re doing. Could I have a refill?

Now we’re talking. Good stuff. This wine shows some class and impresses. It certainly has that little extra that makes it interesting and also starts the brain activity.

Simply put, an ok wine. This stuff is for sure drinkable but don’t expect to remember it the next day. No flaws. However, no real excitement either. Some might think that life’s too short to use your liver on passable stuff.

Simply not showing enough quality. You can drink it and wont risk your health, but why should you? Upgrade!

Flawed or not, this wine is undrinkable. Basta.


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