There’s something about Chardonnay…


Spring is in the air. No, summer – at least where I am. That, together with atheistic Easter celebrations, has sent wine blogging down to an unprioritized position. Great weather and the white wines are ready to take pole position for the coming months. What better than to start with the world’s greatest white wine grape – Chardonnay!

There’s something about Chardonnay. No other grape has shown such adaptability around the world – and such great results as well. Here’s to Easter and Chardonnay; a homage to two of the greatest:

2004 Blanc de blancs, Louis Casters. Spring flowers, green apples, lemon and lime peel, school chalk and some yeast. Fine, intense taste, gorgeous tickling bubbles, dry with just the slightest touch of sweetness showing up when the temperature rises in the glass. Green apples, minerals and young, alive and kicking acidity. Long finish. What a way to salute the weather. I have to drink more Champagne! (90-91 p)

Then there’s the mind-bogging, mineral driven and just fabulous 2007 Block 2 from Felton Road in Central Otago (93-94 p). I’m telling you; this just shows the greatness of Chardonnay and that it’s not something Burgundy has monopoly on. Restrained, filled with mineral driven character, razor sharp precision and presence. Man, I just love this glass. Have to try the 2007 next to the 2008 and 2009 soon. Can they be even better? Rumors are saying 2009 are surpassing 2007!

Thanks for reading this! Back to the sun now!

PS. I know. I’m fortunate to have a brother who also happens to be a photographer.

  • We _all_ need to drink more champagne! :-)

  • Hi Niklas, of course we all need more good Bl-d-Bl, just like we all need more great Chardonnay. The Felton Block 2 sounds fantastic… must try to come by a couple of bottles. Regards – Vintresserad

  • NiklasJorgensen

    When having the Block 2 it’s hard to believe you can get this beauty at around EUR 40. Would like to know of a Burgundy that delivers at this level and price!

    Champagne stirs up emotions. As much as I love it, it also irritates me sometimes. Price wise that is…

  • Anders

    EUR 40? Yes, in Sweden and the -09 :-) (the price is SEK 399 inc tax, which is approx EUR 32 ex tax)
    but the going price elsewhere in europe seems to be 20-25 (plus tax) for both the -07 and -09… For someone in Sweden, that is more irritating than the high pricee on champagne :-(


    • NiklasJorgensen

      Anders; since I’m a modest man I didn’t want to brag and tell the world I paid 25 Euros a bottle for my 2007’s ;-)
      The 2008 was just a euro or so more….

      The Swedish price is sad yes, but at least it is worth the money. Wouldn’t cry if I bought it at 40+ considering the quality.



  • I just had a 2006 Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnay – and I think it the best wine of that grape I ever tasted. Quite pricy, but so nice. Normally Chard isn’t my go to wine, but this one…..

    • NiklasJorgensen

      Funny; my first great Aussie Chard was The Art Series from Leeuwin, the 1992 (had it 1999)! Think it was more oak to it then. Still great though…


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