Tonight I was only 300 euros away from becoming a complete wine geek!



Today I almost did it. Took that last step towards a complete wine geek.

Thankfully I was brutally chrushed by someome with a lot more money than me in the wallet (700 euros+). I was bidding on an auction lot with a set budget on 400 Euros. For a bottle of wine! A wine from 1839 and Madeira’s only site of Grand Cru status – at least 150 years ago – would have been cool to own and drink. Just once.

I’m already somewhat of a wine nerd. I mean; if you start a wine-blog only handling Madeira that says it all, doesn’t it? Not likely a blog aspiring on being the most read. But that final step, paying just as much for a bottle of wine as a trip to Madeira costs….that’s when your complete! Since I didn’t get the bottle I’m hence staying at my 99% level of nerdness. At least for a while.

In my world a winegeek is not necessarily one who spends hundreds of euros on a bottle. A winegeek is more likely a person who wants to spend hundreds of euros on a specific bottle but struggles with something called consciense, while trying to convince himself he just got to have that bottle. And that it is ok to stretch the wine budget – every month. I’m still to do that major purchase and spend a big pile of money on one single bottle, because deep inside I know the wine needs to be something really special. Like a 1839 Malvasia from Faja dos Padres…..

At least I don’t need to build up an arsenal of arguments when telling my wife:

“Honey, do you remember when we visited Faja dos Padres? Guess what,
I just bought a bottle of Malvasia from the site. You know, the grape you like! It was only 700 euros!”

Congratulations to the lucky owner of the bottle. Hope you drink it! Perhaps you became a fullblooded geek tonight? Should you need a Madeira passionate to share it with you know where to find me…

P.S. My 3 1/2 years old daughter took the picture.