Touriga Nacional “Goes Naked”


Vai Nua. That’s portuguese for ‘goes naked’. Not only is it the most recent addition to the Signature Series of António Maçanita at Fitapreta Vinhos, it is probably also the wine that will generate the most clicks on my site since the start. After all, don’t we all love naked…..wines. Ok, some might get disappointed realizing they’ve reached a wine site but hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just offering you convenient google translate service. Vai Nua.

So, this is the first edition of the naked Touriga Nacional. Unoaked and 100 % Touriga Nacional, the queen of Portuguese grapes. Picked at a 14 years old vineyard on chist soil at the northern slopes of Serra d’Ossa, António tells me. In other words, not old vines but neither young. Kind of being in the phase when you still get a decent amount of grape typicity but never in an overwhelming way. I like that phase.

2015 Vai Nua Touriga Nacional

Pop’n pour. I want to follow this one without aeration and over a few days. To find out how it evolves. Equipment? A Burgundy glass. Expectations? Pretty high.

Surprisingly transparent color although it comes with youthful purple nuances. The nose kicks off in a seductive way. Lots of freshly crushed blackberries and raspberries. A floral touch on top of that. Violets. Got to mention that wet schist scent as well. Made me thinking of Douro. And then the taste. Ah yeah baby, oh yeah baby, yes baby! Love at first sip. Hard not to fall for the ripe seductive and yet cool feeling of dark berries, the plentiful tannin structure but also the underlying acidity. The wine fills the mouth but is never too powerful. Youthful and almost in an unwittingly way – elegant. With two days in the fridge, the elegance is even more pronounced and so is the wet schist. A discrete vegetal note is also present. And the violets are more evident with air. The finale is long, pure and the first thing you think after having swallowed is; “I need more bottles of this one.”

The question now is not if it can age – this one surely has the components for it – it’s more a question if you manage to stay away with the cork screw. Once you pop…

Rating: 91 p

Find the wine? There are only 2,705 bottles of the Vai Nua and we don’t know when and if it will be produced again. In other words, don’t wait too long. Go wine-searching now.