When old is old!


A most memorable visit yesterday to Henriques & Henriques in Camara de Lobos added respect and perspective on the Madeira wine’s almost eternal life! Although the oldest vintage tasted was the truly great 1964 Sercialboy, what delineation and an acidity to die for – our cicerone, the company’s president Humberto Jardim, showed us the legendary bottles that was considered old already in 1850!

Recorked in 1927, 1955 and 1975 – today priceless bottles, only a few remaining and only sold occassionally. The closest I will get to these bottles are most likely this but one who has tasted is the leading expert on Madeira wine, Alex Liddell.

The Grand Old Boal: ” Darker than medium tawny, with orange tints, and showing olive green towards the rim; very rich and pungent on the nose, without any excess volatility, and a mature fudgy aroma – Boal at its most typical; rich, concentrated, with vanilla predominant, but balanced; wonderfully focused long finish, persistent black treacle aftertaste, going on and on, but nevertheless dry. A lovely wine. Classic.”

Well, on a day like this when having the 1964 Sercial, 1976 Terrantez and the 1980 Boal, it’s however not such a pain realizing i’ll never taste the Grand Old Boal!