Words come easy…



Loyal followers probably remember my Cahors Malbec incomprehension post last year. You most likely also remember me slightly apologizing when I was poured the single vineyard Malbec’s of Catena; Adrianna and Nicasia. Aah, what great wines which called for a revision of my Malbec status.

Hard to believe but then came along an even better Malbec, also from Argentina; Achaval-Ferrer. The single vineyard wine of Finca Bella Vista version 2007 will get your full attention – as soon as it is in the glass that is. Because seriously, few will pay 60+ Euros for an Argentine Malbec when you can stick to safe and well-known brands. Acha…what?

Well, skip a bottle of an outrageously priced Bordeaux and treat yourself with a bottle of the Achaval wine. It will, most likely, be your best Malbec ever!

No need to write a whole tasting note essay on the 2007 Finca Bella Vista. I settle with summing it up the Homer Simpson way.

2007 Achaval-Ferrer, Finca Bella Vista, Perdriel, Mendoza, 94-95 p

TN: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Beat that tasting note profesional wine critics.

Want to buy a bottle? Der Wein Weber in Germany retails at EUR 61. A lot of money yes, but also a lot of wine!