Can I change my mind?



I normally never write a post on a wine I’ve found disappointing. At least not if I’ve only tasted one bottle. It’s not fair to the producer, the importer, myself or the reader. I mean; who am I to so quickly judge someone’s efforts considering so much can go wrong. I could just be having one of those days, had the wine at the wrong temperature, savoured it from a crappy glass, tasted a slightly flaw bottle or had a cold coming. Perhaps the wine needed aeration and I wasn’t possible to give it the time.

It’s easy to act a critic but being one comes with both responsibility and respect for the people that is affected. Now, I don’t consider myself being one but having a wineblog still comes with some responsibility. If you’re going to criticize a wine then make sure – you really are sure!

I’ve had the 2007 Picos do Couto from FTP Vinhos earlier this year. Nope, you won’t find a post on it but I did leave a note somewhere to a fellow blogger which also had tasted the wine – and also showed a bit of disappointment. Not that the Dão wine was bad, not at all, just anonymous and a bit dull.

Thinking back I should have known better. The glasses weren’t optimal and the fact it was a pop’n pour should be enough to keep my mouth shut. Or at least my commenting. Picos do Couto deserves a new chance and since I consider myself a Dãoist I know these bottles need time. Touriga Nacional can be a sturdy queen but when awakened she shows her royal blood!

A new bottle opened and put in decanter for several hours. Then poured in Burgundy glasses which I prefer having my Dão served in. Oops! Is this really the same wine as I had half a year ago? Filled with dark berries, the classic violet note, ground coffee, dark chocolate and humus. Splendid concentration on the nose and quite elegant.

On the palate it shows good grip, fine tannins and that to-die-for Dão acidity. Sweet liqorice, blackberries, toasted oak and a floral scent. Quite long taste and clearly a wine with some ageing possibilities, say four or five years from now. Just kept on delivering during the evening. A modern Dão.

From now on, I will try to learn to keep my mouth shut if I don’t follow my own rules!

Where do you live? Unsure if this particular bottling was exclusively aiming for the Swedish market. Check with the young company behind Picos do Couto, FTP Vinhos, today the second biggest landowner in Dão! Retailing in Sweden at a most fair price – around EUR 9 (88 SEK).

(Picos do Couto, FTP Vinhos, Dão, 87-88 points)

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