Demeter Zoltán: “It’s Too Good.”


Disappointed is perhaps the wrong word. The 2011 Birtokbor Száraz just didn’t come out as expected. It was too good! I really like Demeter Zoltán. He’s such an honest soul. And genuinely interested to hear your opinion. The Birtokbor is the estate wine of Zoltán and he wants it to be an easy drink – one you drink whithout thinking too much about the wine, one you happily pour an extra glass of.

Well, he failed. You do. Think that is.


The Birtokbor, the estate wine of 2011, is a Furmint from the vineyards of Becsek, Holdvölgy, Lapis, Kakas and Veres. Pretty awesome locations for an entry wine if you ask me. Aged in oak, it has just a slight residual sugar level landing at roughly 5 grams per litre. A dash of wet rocks, wool, unripe peaches and nice depth. Good concentration, quite a nice ride on the palate with both green sour apples and some gentle lime and peach notes. Then the lovely acidity balancing the stuff and a pure finish. 2011 really is a year to buy cases of in Tokaj!

The Virtuoso Says




Zoltán brings a sample of the 2012 Birtokbor Száraz as well. A warm year. Still what leads the way here is green apples peel. Ok, the peaches are sweeter, more juicy but the balance, the mineral driven acidity and general feel tell you the same story – this is serious estate wine stuff.

The Virtuoso Says 




The Birtokbor retails at roughly 12 euros in Hungary. There’s less than 5,000 bottles of it in every vintage. Yes, you want it!

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