Great Value Wines; 2009 Guru from Wine and Soul


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Want to be a Guru? Then drink one! The 2009 Guru from Wine & Soul is in my opinion the best one so far, only challenged by the 2008 and the oh so lovely, but youthful 2010. Yes, there is a pattern and that is not only great years. Both Jorge and Sandra, who owns and runs Wine & Soul, are open-minded and constantly striving for a higher quality. I’m not sure they can go much further than this, because the level Guru is up at today, impresses. A lot!
2009 was a warm year in Douro. If there is anyone who can master heat it is the Douro winemakers. But in the context it is easy to forget that the region is a few hundred meters above the sea level, more than 600 meters in some cases, and that adds freshness to the vines during night time. The 2009 consists of indigenous grapes; Viosinho, Gouveio, Rabigato and Síria. All of them old vines. Fermentation on stainless steel, then roughly seven months on French Barrique. On its lees.

The 2009 needs aeration and is hence decanted way ahead. Some is also saved for the next day and a follow-up. The nose is all about minerals and stone fruits in the beginning. After a while the fine integrated oak adds an extra depth with a dash of vanilla. Lime peel and grapefruits. Some smoke. I’m thinking Burgundy meeting Douro. It’s captivating and you just can’t wait to drink the stuff.

On the palate the real surprise comes, at least for those who aren’t used to the style. Again lots of wet rocks and a note that many would associate with Riesling, a slight Petroleum feel. Green apples, grapefruit, and toasted oak. It’s intense, elegant and packed with fruit. Still youthful but starting to evolve. But it only has 12,5 per cent alcohol and that is such a relief in today’s wine world! Perhaps a bit of an acquired taste with all the mineral feel, but then start with the 2010 instead.

Sandra Tavares da Silva to the right, her importer in Sweden, Margareta Lundeberg, to the left.

Great wine at a great price. Makes me feel like a Guru….

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