Great Value Wines: 2009 Sigalas Mavrotagano


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The Great Value Wines section goes ordinary posting! And what could be better than to start with a great Greek? Last year I had my first Sigalas Mavrotagano, the 2008. Now the 2009 is available and I just need to taste this pretty unique stuff again. Never had a Mavrotagano? Then let me put it this way; you got to love tannins!

Old vines, roughly around fifty years old, tiny yields and new oak. Still, the 2009 Sigalas Mavrotagano eats barriques for breakfast. Besides, it’s better to spend a longer time on new oak if the wine has the structure for it, than to minimize the time. Having the 2008 in mind, it is easier to fall for the 2009. It all comes down to elegance I guess. Again, like the previous vintage, dark, dark color. Cherries, sun-drenched black currants, violets, smoke, a slight tobacco feel and lots of oozing rocks. With aeration the elegance takes charge and the bouquet gets cooler in style.

On the palate it is all about tannins, at least in the beginning. It’s easy to almost feel steamrolled initially, but give the wine some time. Slowly it starts to unfold and the wet rocks, violets, dark bitter cherries and Valrhona chocolate notes then back up the tannin structure. Almost an iodine feel in the end. Dry style. Slight bitter note, just like the 2008 had. Long finish, not only due to the 14,5 per cent, I guess.

Calls for some further aging, say two or three years, but again Paris Sigalas shows that Greek wines needs to be taken seriously. Tired of mainstream wines, afraid of sticking out? Then this is right up your alley; the 2009 Mavrotagano demands attention (and deserves it)!

Europeans can buy it here at 27,90 euros. Great Value? Yes!