Impressions From Franken



1997. My very first wine trip. Destination? Franken. 16 years later; Franken revisited.

Four days can’t do justice to any wine region. You’re not even scratching the surface. But a lot of wines were tasted, producers met and the general feeling is that Franken has accelerated in quality since my last visit. Before going in to depth; here’s some photographic impressions of the region where the bocksbeutel reigned last time I was here.

Martin Steinmann Weingut Schloss SommerhausenMartin Steinmann at Weingut Schloss Sommerhausen. In Sommerhausen. 15th generation running the show. That’s worth some respect, isn’t it?

EisweinRieslaner has one purpose in life and that is turning in to sweet, seductive and irresistible wines like the Eiswein from Weingut May. Heaven.

Sommeracher KatzenkopfSommeracher Katzenkopf. A classic Silvaner site in Franken.

SektSekt. That’s German sparkling. Most of it is horrible. Not Martin Steinmann’s though. Seriously good rosé sekt based entirely on Pinot Noir. For his vintage Riesling sekt he uses his own Eiswein in the dosage!

FrankenRoses next to the vine rows. Said to keep bugs away from the vines but to be honest, you need tons of roses then. Still, it’s nice and gives good photos.

SilvanerBasically what it’s all about in Franken. Or should be in most parts. Silvaner.

Innere LeisteInnere Leiste. One of the greatest. But don’t climb the vineyard at lunch time when it’s 30 C!

German wine villageBeautiful German wine villages. There’s many of them in Franken.