Innocent Bystander 2012 Moscato; You know you want it.


Besides focusing on wines from Austria, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Sicily this year, Wine Virtuosity also celebrates all the vinous stuff which choses an alternative to cork when it comes to closure. For more wines under screw cap or similar, check out the section Great wines under screw cap. Welcome!

Holy Schmoly! Not only is it one of the wine world’s coolest names, the vibrant, floral and fizzy 2012 Moscato from Innocent Bystander is also one heck of an adult soft drink! Floral, on the verge of being defined as perfumed, this Victoria wine shows a seductive nose with rose-hip, sweet licorice, red berries and water melon.

If the nose charms your pants off I don’t know how to define the palate! Unripe blood orange, powdering sugar, melon, roses and tickling, almost fizzy herbal acidity. The sweetness is so well wrapped in. Purity in a glass. Serve as a starter to your guests. One half bottle each.  After all, it’s only 5,5 per cent.

A blend of Gordo and Black Muscat. Moscato d’Asti Aussie style. Only rosé colored. And better.  Closure; bottle cap. Normally to be posted under my section called Great wines under screw  cap.

A gift from my buddy Moritz who runs the Wijnhandel Peeters in Rotterdam. A great Madeira and Port Wine connaisseur. Price at the store? 8,95 euros.