Life is good.



I’m relaxing under the centennial old oak tree whose branches and leaves provides desirable protection from the direct sun. My daughters are running around playing, well at least the three years old – the, just turned one daughter, crawls after while chewing on everything in her way. – Esther, don’t eat those! Oh, was it dandelion leaf’s? Then never mind, those you can chew…
By the way, is that wild orchids I see next to the rock over there? Must have a look later – I am too occupied relaxing at the moment. 

I’m savouring som delicate snacks; a fine and sweet Pata Negra, a delicious home baked bread which I’m dipping in a full bodied and fragrant Spanish olive oil. The Pecorino Sardo flavoured with trufles matches well. Some rough boubles to clean the throat with once in a while; San Pellegrino, my favourite drink, does the job…

But best of all is the splendid Riesling from Franz Hirtzberger – the 2008 Federspiel! The young wine filled with aromas of grape fruit, wet rocks, Granny Smith’s, fresh herbs and green lemon’s are gorgeous to sniff. Probably it needs some further cellaring but a warm summer day like this it’s spot on.
The young impressive fruit is so high it almost boubles when entering the mouth. In the front attack grape fruits takes the lead, followed by the oozing wet rocks; gun-flint I think, all backed up by sour apples, herbs and a lovely white peaches note. Fine concentration and a youthful, vivid finish. Uncomplicated, right-on Riesling but at the same time filled with personality. Somehow, it summarizes what wine is all about.
Then suddenly, I find myself sitting on the balcony. Did I fall asleep in the sunlounger? So it was just a dream everything…sad. Disappointment rushes through me, but just for a few seconds, because next to me I see the label – the 2008 Federspiel Riesling from Franz Hirtzberger! Thank god – it wasn’t a dream! And no, I only had one glass…
(2008 Federspiel Riesling, Franz Hirtzberger, Wachau, Austria, 90 p)