Sicilian wine adventures – Part 14; Amato Etna Rosato!


No, dark color is not a prerequisite for quality when it comes to red wines. If so, someone needs to explain not only why Burgundy doesn’t suck – or Nerello Mascalese from Etna for that matter. Still, it feels like the wine industry has moved in the direction of more color in the red wines. Do we really prefer an almost impenetrable red wine ahead of a pale Nerello Mascalese? Do color matter?

If red wines has become darker then what about rosé! Only the last decade it seems like rosé wines has been closing in on lighter red wines – color wise that is. Why? What’s wrong with classic pale onion-skin colored rosé? Is it not as esthetically appealing as a darker version? Still, dark rosé and the genres increasing popularity seems to correlate.

If color is the way to measure a wine’s potential quality, then Tenuta delle Terre Nere’s 2009 Etna Rosato really sucks big time. Can it be more onion-skin colored?

Let’s put it this way. If the dominating new style of rosé could be described as a wine with loads of berries, a bag of sweets and tutti-frutti in abundance, then the pale Etna Rosato is all about minerals, floral notes and acidity. Let’s put its this way. The 2009 Etna Rosato kicks dark-colored rosé ass!

There’s something mystical about pale wines. They fascinate me and the mainly Nerello Mascalese based 2009 Rosato isn’t any exception. The rosé season couldn’t have started in a more promising way! Seductive floral notes, lots of wet rocks, red sour berries and slightly herbal scents. High-altitude fruit? Oh, yes. I want to drink this, no quaff it!

Oh, that wet rocks- mineral driven acidity is just pure seduction. Can’t get enough of volcanic wines it seems. Sour red cherries, pure feeling, roses and just a slight hint of toffee on the palate. Savory and quite lengthy finish for a rosé (without 14,5 assuring that). Make sure you have plenty of this beauty at home for the summer. Impossible not to fall in love with Tenuta delle Terre Nere’s high-altitude onion-skin colored wine

2009 Etna Rosato, Tenuta delle Terre Nere, 88-89 p

Want to find it? Wine-searched here. I’ve bought it here. Those who have access to the German market can check out this link.

PS. Did I mention it is food friendly? Have it with grilled fish or shellfish. Serve it with the Cesar Salad, as a welcome drink together with some air-dried ham. Or just quaff it….

PS.2. Don’t expect it to  be around if you order one or two. This is limited production and no million bottles project.