Sicilian wine adventures – Part 19; A Sicilian star, or comet.


Better say this right away. The 2008 Cometa from Planeta will not be held a stellar wine by all wine consumers. It’s quite demanding and may also be seen as controversial by some. Others will totally fall for the Fiano and get that silly looking face saying ‘I’m in love.’  At first, I don’t know what to think. Like or not? Not or like? Then I suddenly realize I’m almost quaffing the wine, when the food is served. You see, this is a glorious pour with our luxury version of Fish’n chips; a Pangko fried zander. After the meal the mode like or not, is back. Bottle back in fridge.

Day two: barbequed chicken. Cometa? Quaffing…

Fiano is mostly linked with Campania and not Sicily. That didn’t stop Planeta from planting the grape in the 1990’s. First vintage was released 2000 and the Cometa has since been one of the trademarks of the successful property. So, what’s so special about this wine? Well, already the color asks if you’re ready. But first of all; the clay and calcareous soil really leaves its footprints in the wine. Lots of oozing wet earth and school chalk. Add a bold nose with tropical scents, summer flowers and a herbal, almost minty scent. Not for everyone I guess…

Taste the wine. A real mouth-fill. yet it is acidity driven and dry. Like some sherries; sweet on the nose, bone dry on the palate. Contrasts. I like that. Peppermint is more evident in the taste and so are the chalky notes. Pineapple liquid and mango. Thyme in the long clean finish.

I’m always nagging about high-altitude grapes and my love for Etna wines. Well, this is 100 meters above the sea level. The Sicilians obviously have more talents which Cometa is a proof of. Only steel fermented – and aged – this wine shows a lot of grape and for those of you in search of new discoveries which will make your guests look up when having the wine… now know what to find. Either it moves or annoys.

2008 Cometa Fiano, Sicily, 90-91 p

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