For The Thrill Of Great Old Wines – 1970 Dow’s Vintage Port



At some point you will realize it. Precisely when, is most likely due to how fortunate you’ve been at previous occasions.

Reading about older great vintages elicits the desire of tasting them. To learn and to understand what everyone is talking about. But with age great years doesn’t come cheap and one has to calculate on several risks. Provenance or if it’s a legitimate bottle or not for sure, but still, in the end, you will realize that most importantly no such things as great vintage years exists, only great old bottles.

We all have to decide whether or not we’re willing to take the financial risk, in order to ease the curiosity. I guess this is the rush for a wine passionate which equals the thrill a foodie finds in their search for the perfect dish? Money turns secondary. An old wine in perfect condition. What is there not to love?

1970 Dow's Vintage Port

The 1970 Dow’s Vintage Port opened earlier this week had it all and provided the kick we all want with an old great vintage wine. I can easily say that some of my most profound Vintage Port wine experiences has a common denominator. 1970. There’s been some pretty poor ones as well but in general I’ve been extremely lucky with 1970 Vintage Port wine. Some evil tongues would say it’s due to the wines being fortified and can handle some less optimal storing conditions. Well, they haven’t tasted a badly stored port, that’s for sure!

Decanted and allowed to breathe for six hours. The result? An intense and complex bouquet with scents of dried roses, tobacco, tar, red berries and some dried figs. Sweet licorice. It’s drop dead gorgeous on the nose and full of life! Such purity on the palate. Still plenty of fruit, acidity and tannins to continue for at least yet a decade. Floral. Shows a lot of old Touriga Nacional characteristics. Long, pure, mineral driven finale. That is, really long.

When a wine delivers such enjoyableness you know you’re in to this for life. There’s no way turning back. Next thrill please!