Tokaj – Soil Talk, Producers & Mouldy Cellars


Furmint you think, is the great grape of Tokaj. Well, Stéphanie at Kikelet in Tarcal is not fully sure this is the case adding Hárslevelű as a serious competitor. Taste her 2011 Lónyai dűlő and you might be convinced.

Third photographic teaser from Tokaj!


Stéphanie Berecz

IMG_5788Black mould covers the cellars of Tokaj. It needs to be experienced!


István Balassa, explaining how they will cut the vines. Here at the Nyulászó site close to Mád. 


Soil talk. The complexity of the soil in Tokaj are a main reason for the different expressions. Here dark clay and quartz at Betsek.


Király; one of the great sites of Tokaj. But what more to expect? It means ‘king’ in Hungarian. Erzsébet Pince makes a really fine Király.