What wine label are you?



Admit it; you have bought wine bottles solely based on the wine label. Not?


Whether we accept it or not we are influenced unconsciously on what to pick up – and even a winelover will fall for a certain label and form. But which wine label are you? Artistic, colorful, funny or informative? Check out these and tell me your weak spot!

Ha, ha, you don’t understand a word what the label says!

It seems almost mandatory when it comes to Bordeaux and Burgundy labels to express a feeling saying: ‘you’re not worthy buying me if you don’t understand what I’m telling you’. Hardly appealing for the impulsive buyer, no this you have to know if you’re picking it up. You have to – considering the price!

I’m so funny you simply can’t resist me!

I don’t get it; if you hate your neighbors why invite them for dinner? Oh, it’s supposed to be funny? My mistake. Clearly, I’m not the target group.

To this group can be added such one’s as Hello Kitty and labels of infamous political leaders.

Gold medals is the shit!

Fine, it’s an old bottle from 1958 but still; the award-winning gold medals are from 1884, 1885 and 1900. Glory days are over? Still, it does it for me.

Art labels – when the intention is blameless but the result anything but good….

I have to confess I wouldn’t have picked up this one if I’d seen the bottle. Thank god for e-shopping; I mean – the wine was really nice!

The lesser the better?

Don’t try this if you’re not Italian! For me there’s no doubt; Italians are numero uno in creating elegant and attractive wine labels – and still offer you a nice bottle content!

Stenciled labels looks expensive – right?

Almost synonymous with Madeira and Port wines but lately more and more stenciled super premium table wine bottles has popped up. Looks good yes – but for a wine blogger they’re a nightmare to photograph. No matter what, you will end up seeing your face mirrored in the bottle!

Even when applying my very best benignity I can’t see the target group…

I know, I’m limited in my opinion here considering the brand’s popularity. But a hideous bottle trying to look old and a picture of a man wearing a diaper on his shoulders….

I don’t know when to stop…

Gee, I have so much I want to tell you but only space for one back label! Probably scaring off a good deal of potential consumers but I can’t help it; I love these labels!

Longest name wins!

Not much needed to add here. German labels and names win! One thing’s for sure – you’ll never remember the name of that lovely Riesling you had the other day and hence able to pick up a bottle again. German wine labels – only for the initiated!

Although we only have an outdoor toilet, we’re still a Chateau!

Bordeaux labels saying I’m a Chateau sounds impressive right? But honestly; how many do actually have a physical Chateau at the property? If the food processing industry puts photographs on the package not indicating what the consumer can expect to find inside, they’re sued. When a wine property takes advantage of the credulous consumer though…

Don’t get offended by this post. It only reflects my preferences and probably also why I never will be a rich and famous label designer.

So, which wine label are you?